Frequently Asked Questions

Massages are recommended once a month at minimum. Multiple sessions are also fine monthly depending on your physical and health condition.

There isn’t a specific attire. Come in wearing whatever feels comfortable.

Yes sleeping, snoring & drooling is normal and can happen when receiving a relaxing massage. Don’t fight it let your mind and body connection happen on its own; enjoy your rest.

Yes, drink water, but alcohol is a real no-no.

Avoid eating 60 minutes prior as this may cause discomfort and may not allow you to relax.

Usually recommended that you wait approximately 24 hours to exercise after a massage.

Yes, it’s best to book your next session while it’s fresh on your mind and saved into your schedule. 

A great massage requires great communication. Therefore, yes communicating with your therapist about the pressure needing to be more, less or kept the same throughout your session is recommended. Note that different body parts will require it’s own attention and level of pressure.